Frequency range: 138-174 MHz, 406-430 MHz, 450-512 MHz, 928-960 MHz

Number of channels: One

Tx/Rx frequency separation: 5 MHz to meet specified performance with duplexers; cross banding is optional

Size: 10.5" x 14.0" x 7.5" (26.7 cm x 35.6 cm x 19.1 cm)

Weight: 19.0 lbs (8.62 kg)

Power input: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, or 12 VDC

Battery type: 12 V, 5.0 AH sealed, rechargeable lead-acid battery

Battery life: Dependent on transmitter duty cycle; five hours of operation typical with continuous duty cycle (2-watt transmitter)

Operating temperature range: -30 degree to +60 degree C, limited by battery type

Duty cycle: 100%

Channel spacing: 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz


Frequency stability: +/-10 ppm, +/-1.5 ppm (928-960 MHz only)

Sensitivity: 0.35 uV for 12 dB Sinad; 0.5 uV for 20 dB quieting

Selectivity: -6 dB (bandwidth=+/-7.5 kHz minimum), -60 dB (bandwidth=+/-25 kHz minimum), -75 dB (EIA)

Intermodulation: -18 dBm typical 3rd order intercept


Power output: 2 watts, (4 watts optional - except for 928-960 MHz)

Frequency stability: +/-5 ppm, +/-1.5 ppm (928-960 MHz only)

Modulation deviation: +/-5 kHz

Options: CTCSS decode with incoming tone passed through, CTCSS encode/decode with independent frequency adjustments, Time-out-timer, 4-watt transmitter power output (except for 928-960 MHz), AC power supply/battery charger, Rechargeable battery pack

FCC Type accepted

Specifications subject to change without notice

*For additional transmit and receive specifications, refer to the individual specification sheets for the RDL transmit and receive modules used in the Utility Repeater.

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