SLR-96/SLQ-96 VHF/UHF RS-232 RADIO MODEM SLR-96/SLQ-96 Technical Notes


Operating frequencies 138-174 MHz; 406-430 MHz, 450-470 MHz, 470-490 MHz, 490-512 MHz; 928-960 MHz (MAS)

Interface: RS-232C, DB-25, synchronous or asynchronous (selectable); optional RS-485/422 with RS-530 pinout

System operation: Point-to-point or multipoint (high-speed polling schemes)

Data rate (programmable): 9600 bps (25 kHz channel), 4800, 2400, or 1200 bps (25 or 12.5 kHz channel)

Bit error rate (-95 dBm): Better than 1 x 10-6

RTS/CTS delay: 0 mS to 200 mS (8 selectable positions)

Operating mode: Simplex, full duplex, or half duplex (duplexer is mounted internally but can be mounted externally)

Clocking: Transmit clock internal or external in synchronous mode

Spurious bit suppression: Will not decode squelch noise that would cause "dribble bits"

Rx to Tx turnaround time: Approximately 9 mS

Watchdog timer: To timeout or reset

Data synch. scrambler: Standard feature

Operating temperature: -30 degree to +60 degree C

3-wire I/O: Modem will initiate Tx on first character ("turn-off" delay is selectable from 5-500 character intervals)


Power output: 2.0 watts (higher power levels available)

Peak deviation: 3.5 kHz at 9600 bps (25 kHz channel), 3.5 kHz at 4800, 2400, or 1200 bps (12.5 kHz channel)

VSWR susceptibility: Will withstand infinite VSWR at any angle for 30 seconds

Spurious output: -49 dBc minimum

Emission type: 16K0F1D

FM hum and noise: -50 dB minimum for 3 kHz deviation at 1,000 Hz reference


Sensitivity (10 dB S + N/N): 0.25 µV in 300 Hz baseband bandwidth, 1.5 µV for 20 dB quieting (6.5 kHz baseband bandwidth)

Input impedance: 50 ohms nominal

Carrier detect: 0.20 µV threshold (preset at 0.35 µV)

Intermodulation : -18 dBm typical 3rd order intercept

T/R switch loss: 1.0 dB maximum

SLR-96 (desktop enclosure)

Dimensions (height x width x depth): 2.2" x 10.0" x 11.7" (5.6 cm x 25.4 cm x 29.7 cm)

Weight (without duplexer): 7.6 lbs.

Power requirements: 120/240 VAC with external 12 VDC battery backup capability

Indicators: DSR, DTR, DCD, RD, RTS, CTS, TD, Tx signal, RF Signal, Test

RF connector: Type N (two connectors provided for external duplexer or two antennas)

I/O connector: DB-25

SLQ-96 (utility enclosure)

Dimensions (RFI enclosure): 3.0" x 6.4" x 11.5" (7.6 cm x 16.3 cm x 29.2 cm)

Weight (without duplexer): 4.9 lbs.

Indicators: Internal on interface card

I/O connector: DB-25

Power requirements: 12 VDC +/-10%

RF connector: Type N (two connectors provided for full-duplex operation; duplexer must be mounted externally)

Current drain

Transmit:<2 A (4-5 watt); <1 A (2 watt)

Receive/standby: <300 mA

*For individual frequency ranges refer to the appropriate RDL specification sheet.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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