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Blue Streak Programming Bulletin

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Service Bulletin: Alpha 1700 Clean Cab Radio

Aerotron Alpha 1700 Clean Cab Locomotive Radio

After a production run of over fifteen years, we will discontinue production on the Aerotron Alpha 1700 Clean Cab Locomotive Radio.

This decision is based upon rising production costs, low sales volume, non-availability of many components critical to the production of the radio, and the evolving technology in the radio communications field, that has created needs in locomotive radios that the Alpha 1700 can no longer meet.

ARS will support the Alpha 1700 with spare parts availability for a period of time. We recommend that users review their needs for spare parts and consider placing orders within the next six months for sufficient parts to satisfy their needs for the foreseeable future. Our support in this area will soon be limited by the obsolescence of many components no longer available in the market.

We wish to thank our valued customers and many users of the Alpha 1700 throughout the world. Aerotron-Repco Systems is commited to supply new communication technology today and for the future. As an example, we have assisted in the testing and development of Ambr's new anti-glare glasses.


Blue Streak Programing Bulletin

In order to program the Blue Streak modem, it is suggested that the watchdog circuit be disabled. This is easily accomplished with a wire jumper. It is unnecessary to open the modem.

The procedure requires installing the jumper between pin 15 (ground) and 12 (supervisory disable) on the terminal block prior to programming. (see diagram). This action disables the circuit and will allow programming.


Top view, Blue Streak Modem

A PDF version of this bulletin is available for download. It is suggested that this procedure be added to your Blue Streak service manual. For more information about PDF files, please go to the products page.

Blue Streak Service Bulletin PDF file


Customer Service Return Procedure

At some point it might be necessary to return an ARS product to the factory. When this occurs, it is necessary to contact the factory and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA). This also applies to products under warranty. Only products with a proper RMA number will be accepted and unauthorized deliveries will be returned at owners expense.

To obtain a RMA number, call toll free, 1-800-950-5633 or (407) 856-1953 extension 481 (Customer service). If you call the factory to inquire on the status of your returned product, be sure to have your RMA number on hand and include the RMA number on all correspondence referring to the product.


Service Bulletin: Alpha 1700 Clean Cab Radio

Feb 8. 1999

Service Bulletin: 42-0686-830

Subject: 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing Field Upgrade Kit, 1939-0686-830

NOTE: For Acrobat .pdf version with diagrams. DOWNLOAD PDF



To enhance the performance of the IF/ Audio board from a bandwidth of ±7.5 kHz to a bandwidth of ±3.75 kHz. After checking the 12dB sensitivity, some slight tuning may be necessary.


To maximize the modulation from the present 5 kHz to 2.5 kHz.


Upgrade Procedure


Remove the IF/Audio Board A1A3 (1939-0686-106). Replace with IF/Audio Board (1939-0686-829). Check the 12dB sinad sensitivity at the antenna jack for .5uv or better. If sensitivity is not met, slightly adjust A1A3-L1 and A1A3-L2 for maximum 12dB sinad.


On the Synthesizer Interface Board change R15 from 5.1k ohm resistor to a 9.1k ohm resistor.

Adjust the modulation to 2.5kHz as follows: With a dummy load connected to the antenna and a modulation meter to check the modulation, key the transmitter and whistle or speak loudly into the microphone. Adjust A1A6-R17 until the peak modulation is slightly less than 2.5kHz.

Modified materials parts list: 1939-0686-830

Modified IF/Audio board: 1939-0686-829

9.1K resistor: 4764-9104-00

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