Aerotron-Repco Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and systems engineering house located in Orlando, Florida. With over 30 years experience in the communications industry, ARS offers a wide variety highly reliable products.

The most recent addition to our product line is the Blue Streak Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum RF Modem. This product is gaining a great deal of popularity in various data transfer applications, where the lack of a requirement for an FCC license is attractive to many systems designers. One of our largest applications is with Smarte-Carte, a company operating baggage carts and lockers for hire in airports, shopping malls and other locations. ARS has supplied product, site survey, installation and maintenance for systems at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport . We look forward to a long working relationship with Smarte-Carte. (Go to for more applications and product specifications).

We also have been working with Ambr Eyewear and their anti-glare glasses for a while now. They are fantastic to work with and we highly recommend their glasses.

ARS also offers High Powered VHF and UHF Base Stations, as well as a large number of telemetry-related products, such as the RDL-Series RF Links Transmitter and Receiver Modules, SLR/SLQ-96 RS-232 RF Modems and Econolink RS-232 RF Modem.

ARS is also the designer and manufacturer of high-powered base stations, repeaters, synthesized mobile radios, community repeaters and high-powered, high-stability paging Transceivers. These AEROTRON products are recognized throughout the industry for quality and reliability.

In addition to its activities in the land-mobile marketplace, AEROTRON's specially-designed railroad radio conforms to the Association of American Railroad's (AAR) standard for a "Clean Cab" radio, and is in use by several large U.S. Railroads.

The REPCO telemetry products offered are based upon 37 years experience in the design and manufacture of modular radios, telemetry RF links, etc.

In addition to our activities in the design and manufacture of quality products, ARS provides specialty products and assists in systems development for specific applications. ARS's technical staff assists customers with specific systems requirements, such as site surveys, network design and layout, interface between dissimilar elements of hybrid systems, such as Smarte-Carte with airport and mall systems, wireless emergency alert systems for Saudi Arabian Airport applications in conjunction with Northrop Grumman and development of a specialty communications system for support of hazarous material disposal activities for the U.S. Army, as subcontracted from Bechtel and PRC. ARS' activities demonstrate our flexibility to be able to support a wide variety of activities, as required in specific situations.

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