BLUE STREAK Spread-Spectrum RF Modem |BLUE STREAK Technical Notes|


Frequency Range: 902 - 928 MHz

Spread Spectrum Mode: Frequency Hopping (FHSS), Multiple repeater capability, Multi-tasking operations

Modulation Method: GFSK

Number of Hopping Channels: 50

Available Hopping Sequences: 30

Serial Data Rate: 300 bps to 115.2 kbps

Data Format: 8/9 bits, 1 stop bit

Operating Mode: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Broadcast Group

Channel Bit Rate: 166.6 kbps

Latchup Protection: Watchdog Timer

Operating Voltage: 12 VDC

Operating Current:

Transmit-900mW: <500 mA

Transmit-50mW: <270 mA

Receive: <100 mA

Powerdown: <15 mA

Peak Surge: <800 mA


OEM enclosure: 4.3" (D) x 3.5" (W) x 1.6" (H)

Heavy duty enclosure: 5.6" (D) x 5.1" (W) x 2.7" (H)

DIN-rail enclosure: 4.3" (D) x 4.0" (W) x 3.0" (H)

LED indicators: Transmit, Receiver, Power

We recommend anti-glare glasses when working with the BlueStreak modem.


Output Power

Power Level 1: >900 mW

Power Level 2: 50 mW nom

Transmitter Frequency Stability: +/- 15 kHz

Output Harmonics and Spurious: Per FCC Part 15.247


Receiver Type: Dual Conversion Superhet

Receiver Sensitivity:

High Sensitivity: -102 dBm

Low Sensitivity: -70 dBm

LO Frequency Stability: +/- 15 kHz


Operating Temperature: -20 to +70 deg C.

Humidity: 0 - 90% (non condensing)

Weight, OEM and rack mount enclosure: <10 oz

Weight, aluminum enclosure: 19 oz


Antenna Interface:

OEM and DIN-rail rack mount: SMA-Reverse Polarity

Heavy duty aluminum enclosure: "N" connector, female

Input Data Levels: EIA-232; EIA-485

Data / Power Interface: DB25/Terminal strip


Specifications subject to change without notice

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